Matthew Anderson
NYC Type

For Immediate Release: re-envisions online storytelling

BROOKLYN, NY (June 8, 2012) — NYC Type is a website that tells the ongoing story of New York City through the perspective of the letterforms found on its streets — unique signage, vernacular typography and hand-crafted lettering. Originally founded as a blog in 2007, will relaunch in autumn 2012 under the direction of designer Matthew Anderson. It will also act as the first iteration of a new digital platform called Voyagr that allows niche interest groups to collectively explore, document, and share contextual photographic content of common significance.

"The vision," says Anderson, "is to build a platform for multi-dimensional storytelling online. We are fascinated with the role typography plays in the city, as are many others. There are blogs and Flickr groups on the topic, but sites that truly respect the content — and add to its worth over time — are missing. We are re-envisioning what a platform like this can be, and are creating something that is easy to use, educational and fun."

"Harnessing technology for the benefit of the content is a big aspiration for us," notes Daniel Hunninghake, NYC Type's developer. "Stories only get richer with the addition of others' voices and perspectives. We want to enable everyone as a participant. By adding Instagram integration and geo-tagging, we're actually giving depth and nuance to the stories being told."

Anderson and Hunninghake's work spans a breadth of styles and content, from corporate e-commerce to financial services and startups. Photography has always been a mutual passion. Anderson's clients include Victoria Secret PINK, TED and Project Projects. His work has been featured in a number of design publications, including the books Design Referenced (Rockport) and Graphis Design Annual, and magazines such as étapes and Mass Appeal. Hunninghake has worked for innovative brands and agencies including Ghostly International, NASDAQ and Gin Lane Media. Their first collaboration, an experimental Wordpress theme inspired by Richard Paul Lohse, was well received in the online design community.